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Thursday, February 22 2018 @ 08:30 PM CST



Declassifying America 
             By Richard Leonard @ AreaCotrol


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Feel free to download documents and research that I have made available for you for Download

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Pages that I have created for research and notes for  "Declassifying America"


Why Declassifying America?  

Richard Leonard


I have been researching the government and posting news on Area Control since far back as 2005 maybe even earlier. With several of the earlier years missing here is the Archived Area Control


Over the years I started noticing a pattern between reality,  Conspiracy Theory and Paranoia. I started Area Control years ago because of my paranoia. My original goal was to expose the government and all the classified information and conspiracies that where out there at that time. I wanted to feed a country that thrived on Conspiracy Theory and Paranoia because I was part of that country.  The more news and research that I did the more I realized that  Conspiracy Theory and Paranoia was a disease that plagued America. Don't get me wrong I started finding the truth about the Conspiracy Theories and they are really out there. Paranoia is the foundation of the disease it is miss-information and acting upon that miss-information is what destroys us and spreads the disease. The truth will truly set us free because when we find the truth  the paranoia no longer has a place and Conspiracy Theory turns into fact, miss-information is no longer available. As I did my research and found that the truth is readily available on just about any Conspiracy Theory I started paying more attention to the disease and how it affects us as a country. How it tears us apart and separates us. For years I watch this disease infect Americans around the country and for years I even fed the disease to some extent. I woke up one morning and decided the one way to help cure this disease was by  Declassifying America! I Know the truth and soon you will also. Don't get me wrong classified material has its purpose and should be respected as such. Anyone trying to declassify things that shouldn’t be declassified has a deferent agenda. This is not my only agenda please see About Area Control for more information on me and Area Control.




Declassifying America
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