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[meta:key  news,edit post,news post,news] 

News Post Autolinks & Autotags 

Autolinks provide tags (called autotags) to link to objects under a plugin's control. For example:

[staticpage:svn Learn all about the glFusion SVN... will be displayed as this link: Learn all about the glFusion SVN, and it will link to the Static Page with an ID of svn.

Autolinks can be disabled globally, see Disable Autolinks in the Configuration section.

Autotags supported by a standard installation of glFusion are:


Meta auto tags for News Post and New Media


meta:key comma_separated_keywords
ie: meta:key news,news glfusion,cms,content news management system


meta:desc This is a description of this news story or news page



Auto Tag Description
[story:... Inserts a link to the story ID, will use the story title as the link text if none is specified.
[story_introtext:... Renders the story instance specified by ID, up to and including only the intro text.
[showblock:... Display a glFusion block
[staticpage:... Inserts a link to a static page ID, will use the static page title as the link text if none is specified.
[staticpage_content:... Renders the staticpage instance specified by ID.
[link:... Inserts a link to the link ID.
[event:... Inserts a link to the event ID.
[file:... Inserts a link to a file's detailed info page in the Filemgmt plugin.
[file_download:... Inserts a direct download link to a file in the FileMmgmt plugin. (1.1.7)
[vmenu:... Inserts a vertical menu in your block or page.
[hmenu:... Inserts a horizontal menu in your page.
[forum:... Inserts a link to a forum post.
[album:... Creates a thumbnail image using the album cover, various options.
[img:... (Deprecated - use media: instead)
[image:... (Deprecated - use media: instead)
[oimage:... (Deprecated - use media: instead)
[media:... The general purpose media autotag. Will display a clickable thumbnail as assigned for the specified media type.
[slideshow:... Places a JavaScript slideshow applet in the story.
[fslideshow:... Places a Flash slideshow applet in the story.
[video:... Inserts a playable video in the page. Can be used to embed any video item from Media Gallery including remote video's (i.e. Youtube).
[audio:... Places a small audio player in your page.
[download:... Allows any item stored in an album to be downloaded by the user.
[mlink:... Places a text link to a media item - No thumbnail is used.
[playall:... Inserts an MP3 jukebox into your story. It will contain a playlist of all the MP3 media in the album.
[poll:... Inserts a link to a poll, using the Poll Topic as the title. (1.1.7)
[poll_vote:... Displays a poll, allowing a user to vote. (1.1.7)
[poll_result:... Displays the results of a poll. (1.1.7)

Many of the mediagallery autotags have options, see the Media Gallery Documentation for more information.

News Auto Tag Examples

In this example, we will use the [story:... auto tag. You need to place the ID of the news story you want to reference:

When we view the news story, it will look like this:

Using News Autotags in Templates

As of glFusion v1.1.7, you can now use any news autotag in the glFusion templates. To use an news autotag in a template, simply use this format:

Error AutoLink tag not correct format

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