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Thursday, February 22 2018 @ 08:38 PM CST

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This 2008 manual describes policies and procedures for the administration of military personnel


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 PURPOSE: This manual describes policies and procedures for the administration of military personnel of the Coast Guard based upon, and supplemental to, laws and regulations of higher authority.

CHANGES. Articles or paragraphs which have been modified by this new
manual are indicated by a vertical line in the margin. However, purely
editorial changes are not marked. The major changes are summarized as
a. The assignment of actions and authority to commanders of maintenance
and logistics commands and regional recruiting centers has been
incorporated into this instruction.
b. An INDEX has been added.
c. A listing of all forms required by this manual has been added to
chapter 13.
d. Article 4-C-19b.(2) - This article covering qualifications for
assignment to intelligence training has been corrected to show the
correct combined score of 167 or higher on Verbal Ability (VE),
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), and Coding Speed (CS) subtests.
e. EXHIBIT 4-D-3 - The Table of Serial Numbers has been updated to
reflect the correct serial numbers. 



This is an official government document. This document is the original document.  Aproximaly 1343 pages. Over 8mb download
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