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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 08:46 PM CDT
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US Army’s New UH-60V Black Hawk Makes First Flight

General News

The U.S. Army’s new UH-60V Black Hawk helicopter featuring a digital cockpit has made its first flight, a company announced.

The chopper, basically a UH-60L upgraded with the new Integrated Avionics Suite, flew for the first time on Jan. 19 in Huntsville, Alabama, according to a release Monday from Northrop Grumman Corp. The base is home to the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command.

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Carter Announces New Recruiting, ROTC Links to Force of the Future

General News

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1, 2016 — Defense Secretary Ash Carter today announced new efforts to expand military recruiting and to reinvigorate the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, or ROTC, program on college campuses to attract a broader segment of young people into military and public service.

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Latest Crime Statistics Released

General News

September 26, 2016, the FBI released its annual compilation of crimes reported to its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program by law enforcement agencies from around the nation.

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Animal Cruelty

General News

Brent Justice, 55, was sentenced on August 18 in Houston to nearly five years in prison for making videos that featured a woman mutilating and killing puppies, chickens, and kittens between February 2010 and August 2012. The woman in the videos, Ashley Nicole Richards, 25, originally from Waco but residing in Houston, was also convicted.

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United States Seeks Criminal Penalties for Man Selling Dietary Supplements Online in Violation of Court Orders

General News

The Department of Justice announced today that it is pursuing criminal contempt sanctions against a Livingston, Montana, man for selling dietary supplements and drugs in violation of two court orders. Toby McAdam, 57, is alleged to have violated a 2010 court order and an order of civil contempt issued in 2013, both of which prohibit him from selling dietary supplements and drugs.  The government alleges that McAdam has continued to sell both supplements and drugs, and failed to close down his business and online sites.

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Second Chances Vital to Criminal Justice Reform

General News

Each year, more than 600,000 individuals are released from state and federal prisons, and over 11 million cycle through local jails.  In addition, a broader population – approximately one in three U.S. adults – has an arrest record, mostly for relatively minor, non-violent offenses, and sometimes as a result of crimes committed decades in the past. 

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Former Gulf Cartel Member Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for International Drug Trafficking

General News

Ediel Lopez Falcon, a member of the Gulf Cartel, was sentenced today to serve 18 years in prison for conspiring to import multi-ton quantities of cocaine and marijuana into the United States.  Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made the announcement.

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Huntsville, Alabama, Police Officer Convicted of Excessive Use of Force and Obstruction of Justice

General News

A federal jury in Huntsville, Alabama, convicted Huntsville Police Department Officer Brett Russell, 48, of deprivation of rights under color of law for assaulting and injuring G.H., a detainee, as well as obstruction of justice for filing a false police report regarding this incident.

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Defeating Terror Groups Will Take Long-Term Effort, Commander SaysThis story contains video.

General News
Votel Talks Global Security, Aspen, CO, United States
℠2015 – Army General Joseph L. Votel, commander, U.S. Special Operations Command, spoke at this year’s Aspen Security Forum in Aspen, CO July 24 to address issues concerning global security and countering ISIL. The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, DC.


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Biggest Gun Grab in American History

General News

Obama Administration has already disarmed over 200,000 veterans! News Minute from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, Jennifer Zahrn reports that, in what would be the largest gun grab in American history, the Obama Administration is seeking to disarm millions of elderly Americans and others who receive Social Security benefits through a representative payee.


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