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Wednesday, February 21 2018 @ 01:24 AM CST
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DARPA Open Catalog Makes Agency-Sponsored Software

and Publications Available to All, Public website aims to encourage communities interested in DARPA research to build off the agency’s work, starting with big data 

DARPA has invested in many programs that sponsor fundamental and applied research in areas of computer science, which have led to new advances in theory as well as practical software. The R&D community has asked about the availability of results, and now DARPA has responded by creating the DARPA Open Catalog, a place for

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T r u e C r y p t

I use Truecrypt for securing all of Area Controls sensitive data on HDs and some operating systems. It workes great and is easy to operate. I can move through the 10 or more hard drives I have, with speed and ease using TrueCrypt Free Open Sorce software. I also use it to secure my Platform™ USB drive. Read more to see available downloads


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I use Platform™ v10.1.2 Free (Freeware) on a encrypted (With TrueCrypt) USB drive. I love this program because It has every thing you need that runs on a USB so I can accomplish important task then unplug it from my computer giving me the extra security of not losing my data from computer error or a security breach!

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System Explorer

I have System Explorer installed on all of my computers. Its great visual monitoring Freeware with some system managing options as well. There are 3 versions you will find on Area Controls Free System Explorer Download page. Once you get there chose the one that is right for you..

If you cant find it use the site search tool in the top right of this website. Put System Explorer in the window and just hit your Enter key on your keyboard.  Version 3.8.6 has a "Task Manager" interface and it is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Many features were improved and bugfixed. Version 1.4 works on Windows 2000. Version 1.4 is no longer supported and maintained.


Joe Leonard photographer


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