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Monday, January 22 2018 @ 02:19 AM CST
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HSI Rapid Response Team saves 14 stranded by Hurricane Isaac

As Hurricane Isaac's fury swept the Gulf Coast states last week, many Slidell, La., residents found themselves trapped in their flooded homes without any electrical power or cell phone service. With flood waters reaching as high as 48 inches in some areas, the city's ambulances, fire engines and police cars were unable to navigate the flooded streets to reach these helpless residents 

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Great Barrier Reef threatened by toxic flood debris

Environmentalists in Australia are calling for a review of land management practices following Queensland's recent devastating floods which they say, have flushed toxic, pesticide-laden sediment into the Great Barrier Reef. They say there's evidence the reef has already suffered damage and fear it will get worse. Sharon Reich reports 

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EPA Awards Over $1.1 Million to Assist In Restoration of Coastal Habitats

DALLAS: The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium and the Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program $597,333 each to assist in the restoration of disappearing coastal habitats along the U.S. Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Texas. 

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JPMorgan Chase Bank to Reimburse Government $1.28 Million for Cleanup of Boone County, W.Va. Superfund Site

PHILADELPHIA  - In a settlement announced today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, JPMorgan Chase Bank has reimbursed the federal government $1.28 million for costs incurred by EPA in cleaning up the Browning Lumber Company Superfund Site in rural Bald Knob, Boone County, W.Va. Under the Superfund law, past and current owners and operators of a Superfund site are responsible for the cleanup costs. 

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Underwater noise decreases whale communications in Stellwagen Bank sanctuary

High levels of background noise, mainly due to ships, have reduced the ability of critically endangered North Atlantic right whales to communicate with each other by about two-thirds. 

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7.9 Earthquake at 139km E of Sulangan, Philippines

The August 31, 2012 M 7.6 earthquake off the east coast of the Philippines occurred as a result of reverse faulting within the oceanic lithosphere of the Philippines Sea plate. The preliminary location of the earthquake indicates this is an intraplate event, 50 or more kilometers to the east of the subduction zone plate boundary between the Phillippine Sea and Sunda plates. At the latitude of the earthquake, the Philippine Sea plate moves west-northwest at a velocity of approximately 100 mm/yr.

Downgraded from a 7.9 to a 7.6 earthquake

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7.3 earthquake 111km S of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador

7.3 111km S of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador and the swarm continues in California

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Earth quake beehive

So whats going on in Brawly California ? Seems there has been a bee hive of quakes since this morning. 2 of them over 5 one being a 5.5 at the time of this post.. And in the time it took to write this there was about 10 above 3.0!

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Pine Island Glacier West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

In mid-October 2011, NASA scientists working in Antarctica discovered a massive crack across the Pine Island Glacier, a major ice stream that drains the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Extending for 19 miles (30 kilometers), the crack was 260 feet (80 meters) wide and 195 feet (60 meters) deep. 

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Energy Secretary Chu Announces Montana Schools Win National Student Efficiency Competition

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu today announced the winners of the America's Home Energy Education Challenge, a national student competition designed to encourage students and their families to take action to start saving money by saving energy. A team of students from five schools in rural Carter County, Montana—Alzeda Elementary School, Carter County High School, Ekalaka Elementary School (K-8th grade), Hammond School (K-8th grade), and Hawks Home School—was declared the national winner for successfully reducing their home energy use by 3.4%, working with local utility companies and the community, and keeping students engaged throughout the process. The five schools will share the $15,000 they won as both a regional winner and as the national champion. Secretary Chu made the announcement on a conference call with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, Dr. Gerald Wheeler, Interim Executive Director of the National Science Teachers Association, and Marlene Waterland, an official with the Southeast Electric Cooperative representing the winning team.



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