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Saturday, February 06 2016 @ 09:18 AM CST

Unlimited Wireless Rural Internet Service

I have been researching rule Internet Service for a long time.  This is not a review nor am I recommending any of the services.  As a matter of fact I haven't even used any of them.  I've research reviews and research the product websites. So take this article is you may but be sure to do your own research.  I was fortunate enough to get DSL in my rule area and really had a stretch the cord to get it here.

Any Cell Phone or satellite company that sells their product by a limited data plan does not even deserve the time of day in my book.  A few examples would be HughesNet.  Got SKY Unlimited (Lies in the name!! Major limits and high prices!) Let me explain,  I ordered satellite dish TV with two receivers and recorders I can record two HDTV movies at the same time.  If you know anything about bandwidth were data transfer that is massive data transfer.  That tells me only one thing there really is no need to limit satellite data transfer!  Any company that sells limited satellite Internet is a greedy company!

Sure, maybe you don't need unlimited satellite Internet by lot of us do!  Their limitations will put us up into the $300-$500 a month range very quickly!  So I'm out to find unlimited data transfer companies!  And when I do I am going too tell the world so we can take these greedy companies of the market


The only  unlimited internet service I have found so far worthy to be listed here is:

  Evdo Wireless


I have not tried his company yet, so I'm not recommending it yet.  It's not a satellite company it  uses cell phone towers Plus a Router for its data transfers, Sprint to be exact. If it lives up to its promises this should be a awesome service and It will be the first one I plan on trying when I need wireless internet service. This is also a Mobil service! Yeah you can grab your router and plug it into a inverter in you car and head down the road with full unlimited internet service! This is awesome I don’t need it yet but I need a cell phone and I have been considering using this with a VIOP phone,
 ($70 a month less than the $180 Version 4GIG Data plan w/3 phones Plus Verizion has upped there over limit from $10 per 1 gig over  to $15 for 1 Gig! CHACHING! WOW I'm Dumping Verizion soon as my contract is up. )

With Evdo Wireless the only limit would be you need to be close to a 110 outlet and have unlimited data internet connection for only $110 a month!  As long as the cell service is available..
The band width speeds may be a little bit slow but I have run at these speeds before when I fist got DSL out here in my rule area, because I was at the end of the line these where the exact speeds I was  getting.

Up 1.5 Mbps and Down 512 Kbps same as EVDO

And I was very pleased with those speeds. I wouldn’t have any problems unless I was on a Massive Data Download or upload.

If its true, I praise you Evdo Wireless for your unlimited data plan and price. I am sure I will be finding out soon enough.

Ill Update as soon as I get more info



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