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Thursday, February 22 2018 @ 08:22 PM CST

What is Happening with Area Control?

Area Control Is getting a facelift!
  We have archived
the OLD Area Control Website
  (Please Note: There might be broken links and broke images on the old site because it has been moved)

The Goal Of Area Control is to be the most Informative site on the internet with Proven Information and/or rare, un-reported and hard to find News and information as it was before, but this time I will have Free software, freeware, free resources and Informative content as well. The Internet can be a daunting place to find the content and information you are looking for. I pride myself on research and finding the truth whether it is information or Freeware, if you find it on Area Control it is legit and will be good information and resources.

.... The secondary objective of Area Control will be to create a secure on-line social network for those looking for a place to create a more privet and secure social networking environment. This Social Networking area will be controlled by: Vortex.Me™. 


 Here is a list of some of the resources I will be migrating to Area Control And the websites they used to be on. Some of the domain names listed below I may not own any more. Plus list other Information, Documents, Research and Resources That I have researched and have knowledge of that I will be adding to Area Control. Some of them used to have websites.

Future Websites and Content

 Other Information 

  • Energy, Free Electricity, Fuel etc..

  • Also Green energy etc.

  • Electronics, Schematics, Projects etc..

  • Security  Cameras and Systems,

  • Survival Preparedness on a general level and/or catastrophe.

  • Free Books and Resources.

  •  Free Job resources

  • Scammer Alerts and Reporting resources


My other News Websites and Content



Have Patience, check back, Enjoy and I hope this site helps your needs no matter what you are looking for.


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