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Friday, February 24 2017 @ 06:29 AM CST

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Aging U-2 Hits Milestone Gathering Intel on ISIS

 A 48-year-old U-2 “Dragon Lady” spy plane reached a milestone — 30,000 hours of flight time — while flying a mission to gather intelligence on ISIS, U.S. Central Command said Thursday.

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WATCH: New SM-3 Missile Takes Out Test Target in First Intercept


The U.S. and Japan have successfully tested a new, more powerful SM-3 missile designed to intercept intermediate-range ballistic missiles from potential threats such as North Korea, officials said.

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Air Force ‘Flexible’ on B-1’s Return to Fight Against ISIS

 When the Air Force looks at its need for bombers across the globe, it weighs its options — not necessarily by munition or nuclear deterrent — but by readiness, the service’s top general said Tuesday.

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Air Force Wants, But Can’t Afford, New B-52 Engines

 The Air Force wants new engines for its venerable B-52 Stratofortress bomber fleet, but there’s no money in the budget to pay for them, Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen Wilson said Tuesday.

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Army Develops Tiny Device to Detect Circulatory Shock

 Army researchers have developed a tiny device designed to detect circulatory shock from blood loss that’s common in trauma patients.

For years, researchers at the Army Institute of Surgical Research at Fort Sam Houston, Texas have been trying to measure the body’s capacity to compensate for blood loss, also known as the compensatory reserve.

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US Army’s New UH-60V Black Hawk Makes First Flight

General News

The U.S. Army’s new UH-60V Black Hawk helicopter featuring a digital cockpit has made its first flight, a company announced.

The chopper, basically a UH-60L upgraded with the new Integrated Avionics Suite, flew for the first time on Jan. 19 in Huntsville, Alabama, according to a release Monday from Northrop Grumman Corp. The base is home to the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command.

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Declassified Center Moved

Declassified Center has been Moved to
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From Drone Swarms to Smart Data, Pentagon Eyes A.I.

The CBS show “60 Minutes” recently featured the rising number of experimental Pentagon technologies operating with artificial intelligence, from drone swarms to ground robots to naval ships.


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Army: Cyber Thieves Posing as Soldiers Seeking Love

The Army‘s Criminal Investigation Division on Tuesday warned users of online dating services to beware of scam artists claiming to be soldiers needing money.  Similar warnings about “romance scams” have gone out before, but many in the public still fall victim to the con artists to the tune of “tens of thousands of dollars, with a very low possibility of recovery,” the division said in a release.

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First F-35Cs to Arrive at Naval Air Station Lemoore

The first F-35C stealth fighters are set to arrive next week at Naval Air Station Lemoore in California, the Navy announced.

Four of the fifth-generation aircraft made by Lockheed Martin Corp. will arrive Jan. 25 at the base in the central part of the state located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, according to a release Tuesday from the sea service.

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